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Platform & Technologies

Relevad develops, produces, and licenses a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art semantic and media discovery technologies and Releton Media Platform, shortly Releton.

Releton Media Platform is a unique proprietary system that understands media content and augments it with a set of linguistic descriptors: keywords, categories, transcripts, segments, summaries, sentiments, and entities. Using linguistic descriptors, Releton’s proximity engine generates media similarity scores between media objects to enable placement of real-time contextual media, media discovery, matching, and recommendation with the highest level of accuracy and relevancy.

The unique advantage of the Releton platform is the use of advanced AI and NLP models for the understanding of media integrated with a unique proprietary knowledgebase of keywords and its relationships, categorized webpages and augmented video files.

Releton runs media content through a set of open-source and private models integrated together in a processing pipeline, and constantly re-trains models based on the relevant data corpus and updates its semantic knowledgebase. The unique database of the 10M+ most popular keywords and 200M+ keyword semantic relationships categorized into IAB, Google, DMOZ taxonomies, as well as a knowledgebase of millions of categorized webpages and video files allows Releton to perform with outstanding level of accuracy and precision.

Releton’s patent-pending webpage content discovery engine extracts meaningful content from webpages. Its interactive media analytics testbed enables highly effective AI model training.

Releton Media Platform is a scalable, API-based, secure and redundant enterprise-grade platform designed to serve large volumes of data in real-time and batch mode.