Relevad Corporation is a big data analytics platform, technology, and service development company.
We are designing, developing, and integrating solutions that reduce data roundtrips to improve speed and minimize data management cost.
We are helping our customers with data ingestion and processing, outlier identification and filtering, attributes identification, data visualization and patterns identification.

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Our Team

Dr. Yakov Kamen
Dr. Yakov KamenCEO
Ph.D. in Applied Statistics. Serial Entrepreneur. CEO and co-founder of Relevad, Eliteance, and iSurfTV Corporation. Sr. Engineering Manager at Epson and NVIDIA.. Holds 54 US patents.
Yury Kamen
Yury KamenCTO
M.S. in Applied Mathematics. Serial Enterpreneur. CTO and Co-founder of Relevad and Eliteance Corporations. Sr. Researcher at Sun Labs. Holds 17 US patents.

Platforms & Technologies

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